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The Virtual Orchestra — Articulations 101 (part 1 of 9)

The Virtual Orchestra — Brass (part 2 of 9)

The Virtual Orchestra — Woodwinds (part 3 of 9)

The Virtual Orchestra — Strings Basics (part 4 of 9)

The Virtual Orchestra — Advanced Strings (part 5 of 9)

The Virtual Orchestra — Percussion (part 6 of 9)

The Virtual Orchestra — Percussion In Context (part 7 of 9)

The Virtual Orchestra — Piano and Harp (part 8 of 9)

The Virtual Orchestra — Advanced Techniques (part 9 of 9)

Affordable Acoustic Pianos

Roland Integra-7 — synth module

Muse Research MuseBox — VI sound module

70 DVZ Strings — string section sample library

Imperfect Samples Braunschweig Upright Piano — upright piano sample library

EastWest Hollywood Strings — string section sample library

MakeMusic Finale 2011 (Mac/Win) — music notation application

Beyerdynamic MC 950 — small-diaphragm condenser microphone

Neo Ventilator — digital Leslie simulator

SoundLib G-Player 1.21 — GigaStudio player plug-in

Focal Professional CMS 65 — studio monitors

Mixosaurus Kit a 1.1 — drum sample library


That Synching Feeling — feature article on synchronization (old, but still very relevant!)

Røde NT55 microphone

MASTER CLASS: Virtual Orchestra Virtuosity

Røde NT2-A microphone

Letter To The Editor Pt. 1 — "Claim Check"

Letter To The Editor Pt. 2 — "Klaus But No Cigar"

Roland XV-5080 — synth and sample playback MIDI module

Garritan Personal Orchestra — orchestral sample library

Emagic Logic Platinum 5.5 — DAW software

Roland VM3100Pro — digital mixer

MakeMusic Finale 2003 — music notation software

Røde NT1-A microphone

Spectrasonics Backbeat — drum groove library

Waves Native Restoration — software plug-in bundle

MOTU Digital Performer 2.7 — DAW software

High-End Control Surfaces

Native Instruments B4 — tonewheel organ simulation plug-in

Propellerhead Strings — Reason ReFill

Roland VP-9000 — VariPhrase loop and vocal processor
Discrete Drums — drum loops

MOTU 828 — FireWire audio interface

Truth Audio TA-1P — passive studio monitors

Presonus Digimax — 8-channel preamp

Mindprint En-Voice — single channel voice processor

DUY Research Everpack — plug-in bundle

Earthworks DK25 DrumKit System

DigiTech DF-7 Distortion Factory — digital models of 7 classic guitar stompboxes

Radial X-Amp — re-amping instrument DI

Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced — solo string sample library

Line 6 Variax 700 & Vetta II combo amp — digital-modelling guitar and amp

Letter To The Editor — "Favorite Author"

EastWest PMI Grandioso Bosendorfer 290 — acoustic piano sample library

Event Electronics Studio Prercision 8 — active nearfield monitors

Studio Projects LSD2 microphone — stereo, large-condenser microphone

SampleTekk Black Grand — acoustic piano sample library

Røde NTK tube microphone

Sonic Implants Symphonic String Collection — high-end sampled string library

MOTU Digital Performer 3.01 — DAW software

MOTU DP3 — DAW software

Røde NT2000 microphone

THE ULTIMATE: Bass Library

THE ULTIMATE: String Ensemble

THE ULTIMATE: Acoustic Drum Library

THE ULTIMATE: Brass Library

THE ULTIMATE: Latin Pop & World Percussion Library

Mackie HR624 — active nearfield studio monitors

Access Virus C — virtual analog synthesizer

Best Service Total Piano — acoustic piano sample library

Røde NTV microphone

Steinberg Waldorf PPG 1.V — software synth plug-in

Coda Finale 2000 — music notation software

Waves Native power Pack II — software processor plug-ins

Steinberg/Prosoniq Dynasone 1.03 — mastering/finalizing software

Steinberg/Prosoniq Orange Vocoder 1.01 — vocoder software

NHT Pro A-10 Active Reference Monitors

HHB Radius 20 and Radius 30 — hybrid tube/solid-state parametric EQ and compressor

Q UP ARTS Latin Groove Factory, Volume 2 — Latin drum/percussion samples & loops