Aug 2010


A great article on why living forever would not be all that great. Kinda funny, yet kinda philosophical, too. Imagine, that.

New Web site in progress!

Hey, just a quick note that my Web site is undergoing major revamping!

There will be a blog divided into several categories, which may get amended over time. In addition to keeping up with Burt, Dionne and AM/FM, I'll be posting about my new current project and will be sharing some thoughts in general on the Art and Craft of... well, all the crazy stuff we do as musicians, composers, filmmakers and artists.

I'll also be posting up cool pics and video from both past and present; and I'll be slowly compiling all of my past published articles and product reviews for the magazines I've written for over the years, as well as add some new reviews as cool products cross my path.

Hope you dig it as the Web site comes along.


Burt Bacharach in San Diego

I'm happy to report that the Burt Bacharach concert with the San Diego Symphony went perfectly!

Burt looked great, played and sang wonderfully, and everyone in the band was happy to reunite after several months away from the concert stage.
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